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Tashana Preddie

Our History

Meet Tashana Preddie, the heart behind Complete Caregiving Homecare Services. Tashana’s journey into caregiving began at the age of 15, when her father’s health took a serious turn due to diabetes and hypertension, leading to multiple strokes. Taking on the role of caregiver, she devoted herself to his care until his passing.

The challenges didn’t end there. At age 17, Tashana found herself caring for her grandmother, who battled diabetes and dementia and later faced the loss of a limb. Over the next 25 years, Tashana honed her caregiving skills, providing essential support to her family members facing various health issues.

Her dedication reached its pinnacle when she cared for her mother during her final illness, putting her job on hold and traveling abroad to ensure her mother received the best possible care. This profound experience solidified Tashana’s commitment to caregiving.

Upon immigrating to Canada, Tashana pursued formal training and certification in caregiving, turning her lifelong passion into a career. Today, she brings her wealth of experience and unwavering compassion to her work, providing top-quality care to clients in Canada.

Tashana’s guiding principle is simple yet profound: everyone, whether family by blood or not, deserves the care of the highest standard, just like family. At Complete Caregiving Homecare Services, we embody this belief, providing personalized care that goes beyond duty, creating a true sense of family for our clients.